Saukhyam Wet Bag (For Used Pads)

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8"   5.5" 

Did You Know?

  • Used Saukhyam pads do not smell. Menstrual blood does not smell. Disposable pads have an awful smell but that smell comes from the chemicals and toxins in the pads and not from the blood itself.

  • The wet bag is meant to discreetly store used pads which can be washed later at home and according to your convenience.


Helps you make a complete switch

Many who switch to our best reusable sanitary pads are students or working professionals. They carry their reusable and recyclable sanitary pads with them to their schools or colleges or workplaces, change when needed, and wash the used pads after returning home.

We strive to provide you only with the best reusable pads. If one is reluctant to put a used pad in the wet bag, one may hold it under a tap for a minute or so for the blood to drain away. Then a clean but wet pad can be folded up and put in the wet bag for a proper wash after returning home later.

Please note that the colors shown in the product picture are only representative. The color of the product shipped to you might vary depending on what we have in stock. 

Tip: Many women who make the switch start with using reusable and recyclable sanitary pads at home and disposable pads when at work or in school/college.

However, when they find that reusable pads offer a more comfortable and wholesome experience (no rashes, no nasty smell) they make the extra effort required to use reusables when out of the house as well. This is where the wet bag plays an essential role.

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