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Quick Read on Reusable Menstrual Pads Available in India

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Reusable menstrual cloth pads are not yet as mainstream as disposable pads currently are. Hence one cannot easily walk to a store and buy them. Many good organic stores in India now also stock reusable menstrual cloth pads. The easiest way to buy these pads is online. Many brands are now available in India and most of them sell pads online.

There are 10-12 manufacturers of reusable menstrual cloth pads in India today. Some are more well known and others are new but have a robust presence in their own areas. All brands offer many benefits; please read customer reviews when deciding which pad brand to buy. Many of the pad makers, like Saukhyam, are non-profit organizations.

The price varies. It can range from ₹ 100 - ₹ 250 for a single pad piece. Keep in mind that most reusable pads are good for couple of years at least. A one-time investment will help avoid the monthly expense on disposable pads. Saukhyam pads are priced at ₹ 60 for the day pad insert, ₹ 75 for the day pad base and ₹ 100 for the night pad. It is one of the lowest priced brands available in India today.

Many women report spending at least ₹ 100 monthly on disposable sanitary napkins. For 1 year, this adds upto ₹ 1200 and for 4 years, to ₹ 4800. The Saukhyam essential value pack with 6 pad pieces is available for ₹ 530. Given proper care, it will last for 1-2 years. The total expense would be far less than what we would spend on disposable sanitary napkins during the same time period.

A word of advice. The right period care products can go a long way in ensuring that our monthly periods are not a stressful experience. Take the time to research, understand different options available and then choose the right ones for your needs. Reusable menstrual cloth pads of most brands are anyways far cheaper if compared with the amount one will spend on disposable sanitary napkins.