Health issue due to use of disposable pads

A random article in the newspaper confirmed my fears that the disposal pads were the reason behind all my health issues related to my regular periods. I was shocked to know that it can even cause cancer. I was looking for an alternative desperately when my mom gifted me with Saukhyam pads.

Concept of reusable pads

It was for the first time that I was seeing a cloth pad. I was hesitant to use it as I was not sure how long they could work. Usually, in all it takes around 12 hours for me to commute and get back home from work. But I know if I didn’t shift, I shall pay a hefty price with my health sooner or later.

Saukhyam reusable pads

So, at first, I tried Saukhyam in the last few days of my cycle. Then the next month, I tried it on the second day. In the following month, I was confident enough to use it the first day of my periods itself.

One day, suddenly I was caught in rain, and I rushed home to realise that my fears were baseless. There were no stains on my clothes. My clothes were just slightly wet from the rainwater. My mistake was to assume Saukhyampads as just pads simply made of clothes.

Saukhyam is the only Reusable pads using Banana fibre

They are not just made of cloth, they have a special content-  natural banana fiber that absorbs liquids. I later came to know that these pads are an invention and were designed after a lot of research.

Happy, safe, healthy and comfortable periods with Saukhyam

Soon I started recommending Saukhyam to my friends. I was showing the pads to my colleagues last year and they thought they were brand new ones. There were no stains. Surprisingly, it does not take more than a few minutes to wash them. I am happy I made the switch. Give it a try! I am sure it will be one of the best lifestyle choices you would have ever made. Happy, safe, healthy and comfortable periods to all the girls out there!!! 

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